Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grade 1D Buddies

Dear parents of the students of 6pike,

Today we went down to one of the grade 1 classrooms and helped them with technology. One of their daily 5 activities is reading books online with various online book readers (tumblebooks, starfall, e.g.) . We had lots of fun! First, we helped them memorize their code and log in. Once their desktop loaded, we helped them get to the book readers and listened to an online book with our buddies! Once they get to know how to use the laptops very well, we hope to make an online little bird tales with them!

Written by,
Aidan & Angelo


  1. That's an amazing idea! Its always good to try different webs or apps to have fun with learning!

  2. that was a great idea it was fun to show them how to use the laptop and go on different webs and I learned a new thing when I was with them thank you mrs. pike