Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lost Generation

Today we introduced our Literacy Unit on Perspective and Point of View with a youtube video. The video, Lost Generation is in two parts. Stop the video at 48 seconds and discuss what you think of the author's perspective on life. Then rewind and watch the whole thing from the beginning. Discuss how your perspective (and hers) changed as you watched!


  1. This poem is really touching because it has a meaning to the words, even if it is read normally or backwards! My mom was really impressed by this poem because she says this poem is really meaningful when you read it backwards.

  2. Hi! Its Lamese! And WOW this blog is sooo cool!
    The video we watched in class was shocking and really cool!
    I showed my family the video and they were like:' Whaaa'.

  3. Hi! I am Aminah and i have to say that this blog is really very truly cool. Also that video was sad at first and it cheered me up when you reverse it! :)