Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Families, welcome to our grade 6 blog. This is the students of 6Pike blogging here. We will be telling you about what we are learning each week in our class. We had a great first week of school and have a very awesome and fun teacher! For the past week, we have been using technology to present our work in Math and our Me in a Bag using: iPad, Apple TV, laptop, and a data projector. We also used the clicker in a "get to know you" activity on the very first day.

We started to explore our Math kits and had different roles. We shared the use of each manipulative and presented using iPads. We discovered interesting facts like how callipers are used for measuring. We have been doing multiple activities to get to know each other and ourselves for example our own "Facebook" profile (on paper only!).
Come back next week, to read about how we are organizing our classroom library and see what else we are up to!

From all of the Students of 6PIKE

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