Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome back to the blog!

Dear Families and Friends,

So far these two days, we have been working on comparing numbers in math and creating a title page explaining about Canada.We have also finished doing our activity stations in gym. In Social studies we are learning about natural disasters  and also we watched about Haiti's earthquake and lesson saves life's

We are learning about French Canadian  culture and making a title  page about it.We will have a test  tomorrow on numbers, days of the week, and months of the year.

On September the 20th, we got the new Surface RT tablets with the key board and they are awesome!!
We used them for alot of things such as Evernote. In Evernote, we all created a notebook to write in and send our homework to Mrs.Pike. Ask your child to login from home and show you their work.

In gym, we have finally finished our fitness journal. Every day 3 we did  gym with Mrs .Pierce's class and every day 5 we did it with our class. This week we had collected $2 from our classmates for gym because theres a professional trainer coming to Northwood for a work out and that will be happening on 09/26/13.

        The Despicable 6's (Doha,Urooj, Kagila, Hmaim,Baqer,Sobaan)

 (P.S) Come back next week and see what the Gru's 6 Collaborating Minions have to tell you.

                                                                                                                   Thank You.


  1. wow!!! Using Evernote was so much fun, its a new interactive way to load notes and to list our ideas on almost anything! My experience with evernote has been amazing !

  2. Thanks, Sarah, I'm happy that you find Evernote useful. When I travelled to many different schools, Evernote helped me share work with the teachers even when I was in another building. It helped me to collaborate with groups of teachers who were working on the same project, too. I'm excited to see how we might use Evernote to collaborate using our tablets this year!

    1. You welcome ! And we will use Evernote in a creative and collaborating way with our AWESOME TABLETS and peers !!