Thursday, October 31, 2013

Assembly was amazing!

I am so proud of our students! They have been engaged in a Social Studies Inquiry to learn about ways Canadians help other countries. After Mr. Jim Scott's presentation about Enable Haiti's efforts to help orphaned and disabled children, our students decided to help out by holding a clothing and shoe drive.Students created a slide show to educate the school about the needs in Haiti and then started the school off by placing the first 40 items of clothing in the collection boxes. Their goal is to collect 1000 articles of clothing and 500 pairs of shoes! Check back to read student posts about our progress toward these ambitious goals.
Slide show photos with Haitian children wearing clothes from Windsor Essex county. These clothes were delivered by Enable Haiti on their last trip. 

So grateful to parents who took the time to come out to the assembly.

Students in grade 6Pierce and 6Pike start off the clothing and shoe drive with the first donations.


  1. We rocked the assembly!! This was a big opportunity for us to share our learning about Haiti and the natural disaster that occurred in 2010! We also represented a role of being a GOOD knight not only in school but around the world! Way to make our mark!

  2. I think everyone did their part in the assembly well because the grade 6's knew the drill when they started the clothes drive! Look how much clothes we've got so far!! Everyone got his special message and did not forget it! That means our assembly was very convincing! Way to go Grade 6's! :)

  3. yeah it was awesome!!! I really liked your son's idea that way we all got to do something. I saw a lot of people reading our poster