Tuesday, October 29, 2013

         Dear families,

Welcome  back to our BLOG! We are the LAKERS writing this weeks blog post from  6 pike!!!
This week, we have been working  very ,very hard on our social studies with the 3 main focuses of Literacy:questioning ,predicting and answering! Soon we will be also hosting an assembly on October 30th,2013 where we will be presenting our full understanding  about Haiti and the Natural disaster in 2010 with a visual and oral presentation. In math we are starting a new unit all about patterns and how to identify patterns. 6 pike has arranged  our literacy block  to help us use our time affectively altogether. In Our French class we have been working on presenting about our self orally in French using Smart Notebook "Je me Presente".6Pike and 6Pierce are working on our fitness goals and attaining our Smart Goals and catching up on our Healthy eating goals too.

Sincerely , 
          The Lakers :)
    Come back next time to get a new update on your Childs learning from our class!!

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