Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear families,
             On Thursday, September 26th 2013, in Physical Education, we were entered into a Dance Mania! Professional choreographer, Corey came to Northwood to teach the grade 6's how to dance! We had a blood-pumping, sweaty warm-up that we did to the beat of the song. After that... went straight to dancing! It was a quick step dance, that means you have to do the moves as quick as you can, but to the beat of the music, which in case the song was Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. We learned new moves which made the whole dance so enjoyable! We practiced the dance many times. So many times that people even collapsed, panting! It helped me reach one of my goals, because I think one of my goals were that I should dance and do active activities more! We hope Cory comes back to teach us more exciting Dance moves!!

Come back next week to see what else we are up to in 6Pike! :)

  By: Imaya In 6Pike, on behalf of the Pike's 6 Collaborating Minions! :)


  1. Wow, Imaya you wrote a fabulous Blog Piece! Ilove how you added so many details on us dancing!!!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Your blog post was inspirational too! I'm glad you like my post! :)