Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Parents ,
Today in gym class, with our 2 awesome grade 6 classes (6 Pike, 6 Pierce) and our very special guest .... Corey !!!  Corey had helped us improve on our way of stretching  and a mini lesson
on following our dreams and passions like he did with dancing. He gave a full 1 hour experience on dancing threw stretches and how it helps us. This class with Corey helped me and my peers to meet our SMART goals, by knowing not to give up and  how exercising will also help us monitor our own FITNESS level, with safety and active participation. I  hope Corey comes back again with a new dance experience!!!😉😊

By: Sarah 6 PIKE on behalf of THE LAKERS


  1. I really hope Corey comes back to teach us again !

  2. Yes Sarah i hope he comes back too , and teaches us some dance again!!! ,